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c/ Balmes nº 70 · 17600 Figueres (GIRONA)
Tel. 972 500 616 / 972 500 591 · Fax. 972 671 483
E-mail: info@hoteltrave.com

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The carta-menu of our restaurant is made with local products, and offer you a Catalan cuisine, Traditional cuisine and Market cuisine.

We have a wide range of dishes and suggestions that we renew each season, to offer the freshest products and suitable for every time. Our carta-menu offers different sections: The cold starters, hot starters, rice dishes, soups, sea, earth and dishes for children.

Our kitchen specializes in seafood offering time and grilled charcoal meats.

Finally, we offer the desserts, the sweet, with a wide selection of dishes in different textures: ice cream, fresh fruit, cheeses, liquid, pastries, etc.

In addition to our carta-menu of dishes and desserts, we also offer our daily menu and other menus very complete.

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c/ Balmes nº 70 · 17600 Figueres · Tels: 972 500 616 / 972 500 591 · Fax: 972 671 483 · info@hoteltrave.com Legal notice